Medical Exam Associates, Inc. - MEA
Medical Exam Associates specialize in providing administrative services and support for California’s most respected and qualified Medical Legal examiners.

Our mission is to develop and maintain strategic business relationships with Insurance Providers, Law firms & Third Party Payers by implementing our executive team’s vast knowledge, experience, vision in healthcare, managed care, and jurisdictional understanding of medical legal and insurance issues. MEA, Inc., offers a comprehensive range of medical legal services in the areas of Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, and Disability. We specialize in med-legal evaluations, which are designed to meet the needs of both the Patient and our Clients.

Our team of medical experts are experienced in evaluating injuries for compensability. Starting with a thorough and comprehensive history, our specialists apply appropriate, evidence-based diagnosis, resulting in an objective yet independent medical opinion. MEA’s physician list includes multiple specialties of highly qualified Board-Certified Physicians available for medical legal work across the state of California.